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The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center offers collaborative solutions for your aging needs, whether social, clinical or financial.

About Us

The goal of the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center as it relates to our Mission is to help people live how and where they want while meeting their needs in the best way possible. As an organization, we know that the best way to fulfill our Masonic Obligation is to best understand the needs of those we serve and to collaborate to find the best resources and services to meet those needs.

Products/ Services

The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center provides leading edge products and services that promote a healthier and longer life at home. Whether you are an individual or a caregiver – the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center will compliment your lifestyle and lead individuals down the path of Aspired Living – with independence and a healthy life balance.

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Success Stories

The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center directly impacts the lives of seniors across all of Ohio. Read the stories at the link below to see how we have served to improve the lives of these individuals through the fulfillment of their aging needs. In other words, we love what we do and want to share it with you.

Greetings from the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center

The Resource Center, at the Ohio Masonic Home, is here to help you with questions about aging services, finding resources in your community and linking you with help you may need. We have a team of professionals in the community who can speak with you by phone, or in person, to assist you with issues like caregiving for a spouse, finding in home care and financial issues.

The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center can quickly:
  • Support for widows/widowers
  • Advocacy for clients going through the VA or Social Security systems
  • Assistance with Medicare/Medicaid questions
  • Linkage to local resources like home delivered meals, home health and transportation
  • Education on issues like Caregiver Stress, Advanced Directives and Grief
  • Coordination of existing services
  • Linkage to fraternal assistance from Lodges and other masonic bodies
  • Education on aging issues to help make informed choices
  • Dedication to your continued independence
  • Connection to home maintenance options
  • Provide information on Ohio Masonic Home communities and services

If you would like to speak with one of our Resource Center Liaisons, you may call: 1-877-881-1623

Please feel free to reach out to our Resource Center if you would like additional information on this program. We are here to help people age respectfully, how they want and where they want.


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