The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center offers collaborative solutions for your aging needs, whether social, clinical or financial.

Masonic Aging Resource Center…here for you!

The past months at the Masonic Aging Resource Center have been filled with wonderful opportunities to learn about what types of aging challenges Ohio Masons are facing. We have received calls ranging from individuals needing to purchase shower chairs to families who do not know which way to turn when it comes to care needs. The range has been wide and it has taught us that we never know what we will be helping with next when the phone rings.

Several weeks ago, we received a call from a Mason’s daughter. She was overwhelmed because her mother was in the hospital and the hospital discharge planner had threatened to call Adult Protective Services if she took her mother home after discharge. The hospital felt that her father was unable to provide sufficient care for his wife in their home. She was in a panic, as anyone would be.

After meeting, we discovered that her father was quite capable of providing excellent care for his wife as he had been for several years. All that he needed was the support of products and services. A Masonic Life Coach met with the family, made some simple recommendations and communicated the plan to the hospital discharge planner (at the request of the family). Several weeks have passed since this event and the couple is living in their home and doing well.

It is opportunities such as these that are the foundation of the Masonic Aging Resource Center. This couple has the right to make their own decisions about how and where they want to age. It is our privilege to be able to partner and advocate on their behalf.

The Masonic Aging Resource Center is your go-to place for answers on any and all subjects related to aging. Whether you need advice on which brand of shower chair is the best, or need assistance caring for a loved one or want to know what you can do to maintain the current healthy path you are on….we are here for you.

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