The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center offers collaborative solutions for your aging needs, whether social, clinical or financial.

The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center Shows Support for Brothers and Widows

The Ohio Masonic Resource Center is equipped to help with a wide variety of problems, from large to small. If you or someone you know needs help, call us toll-free at (877) 881-1623 today. One simple phone call can mean a world of difference.

Robert and Louise Smith were facing foreclosure on their home and a pile of past due bills. Although Robert had an income, medical issues, a tempting offer from a car dealership and poor budgeting skills had caused the couple to fall behind. Finally, Robert called the Resource Center to see if any assistance was available to help them catch up on their payments and save their home. An Aging Services Representative (ASR) set about the task of helping the Smiths get back on track through financial assistance, aid finding a car to fit within their means, budgeting classes and a credit-counseling service. After working with the Smiths for only a few months, the ASR noted definite positive changes in the couple, including a more cheerful outlook on the future!

After a long stay in the hospital, Gary Jones came home to a refrigerator full of spoiled food. He called the Resource Center to see if there was any help available while he finished recovering and was supplied with a gift card to use for groceries. Shortly after, disaster literally struck in the form of a lightning bolt to his apartment building. Now, with his home destroyed, his cat missing and very little left to his name, he again needed help. An Aging Services Representative made sure Gary was set up with a hotel room while she worked with the building manager to secure a different apartment in his name. Calls were made to local Lodges and churches and donations of food, furniture and even decorations for the walls came pouring in. Additionally, the ASR was determined to find Gary’s beloved cat, Princess, and finally, after three weeks, she was found and brought home!

Hoarding can often be caused by depression or a stressful life event, so after losing her husband and son, it was understandable that Marjorie Johnson began accumulating items in her home. A worried friend connected Marjorie with an Aging Services Representative who began working to help her realize that help was available. After many, many months, the hoarding was brought under control; however, Marjorie’s health had begun to decline, so the ASR helped connect her with cleaning and transportation services. Finally, with the help of Marjorie’s children, the ASR helped her settle into an assisted living facility. The Aging Services Representative remains in contact with Marjorie as well as the local Lodge and is always ready to provide support when needed.

Stories like these have happy endings because Masons like you donate. Your gifts help us continue to help exemplify the ideals of care compassion and concern to Brothers in need as well as their wives, widows and children. Donations can be given to the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation in a variety of ways.

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