The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center offers collaborative solutions for your aging needs, whether social, clinical or financial.


SimplyHome® empowers individuals and care providers through wireless technologies for independent living. Personalized systems are custom designed for anyone’s needs – independent living support for families, caregivers and most importantly, the individual. SimplyHome systems are unobtrusive, affordable and most importantly – effective.

Key Benefits:

For Families

  • Proactive involvement
  • Peace of mind
  • Improved quality of care
  • Increased confidence
  • Cost-effective solutions

Families with aging or disabled loved ones are often torn between two concerns – safety and independence. Seniors and people with disabilities want to remain in the comfort of their own home and avoid expensive, intrusive care. At the same time, families are concerned their loved ones will not be able to alert anyone should a need arise. SimplyHome supports provide a solution to these concerns, maintain independence for the individual, and alert a designated caregiver or family member if problems do occur. Families can be confident they will be contacted if certain activity (or inactivity) in the home of their loved ones indicates a potential concern. While SimplyHome systems cannot prevent accidents, our supports can provide a level of support to help you respond should an event occur.

For Disabled & Developmentally Disabled

  • Increased Independence
  • More control over their lives
  • Simpler transition into independent living

SimplyHome systems can also provide support to those with developmental disabilities or unique needs. SimplyHome staff members have more than two decades of experience in helping design assistive technology solutions for those who need it most. These supports empower individuals to live with more independence and control of their lives than ever before. SimplyHome systems have assisted providers in moving hundreds of individuals from various levels of institutional care to supported home settings. We look forward to designing a personalized care system after discussing your individual needs and goals.

For Seniors

  • Increased independence
  • Better quality of life
  • Comfort and safety in their own home
  • Ability to enjoy the activities of daily living
  • Unobtrusive and silent
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Adapt with changing needs
Seniors want to remain independent in their homes for as long as possible. For many people, SimplyHome supports help them do exactly that. SimplyHome connects families to provide a sense of safety and comfort for everyone. Seniors can live at home and enjoy their normal activities with the confidence their loved ones will be contacted “just in case” any problems arise. When the sensors detect a potential need, an alert is sent immediately through text message, phone call, or email. While SimplyHome systems cannot prevent accidents, choices or behaviors, family and caregivers are notified of actions or inactivity. The systems are unobtrusive, silent and require little or no maintenance. Once our staff designs your system and the sensors are installed it is ready to use. As your needs change, our on-going assessment tools and trending reports will assist in adjusting the system to meet your new circumstances.

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