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The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center each year plans events and/or outreach geared towards fostering ongoing Independence and advancing Social Connections. The Holiday Season for some can be a very joyous time filled with gifts, family, and joy; however, depending on individual situations, and various family dynamics this may also be the exact opposite outcome. As a result, the Resource Center has created a tradition of holiday outreach. 

What does holiday outreach include? In addition to phone calls completed for advancing socialization and wellness, care packages can also be sent at this time. This year we will continue that tradition throughout campus, and out in the community, to spread joy and family promoting togetherness.

This past year, we had a recipient of our holiday outreach program call us to thank us for thinking of him. Through this program, we were able to send a small package with health care items like hand sanitizers, tissues, masks, an ornament, and even a gift card. He was so touched by the gesture that he said, “When you get older, sometimes you just look out the window and wonder if there’s anybody out there who cares and still loves you.” He said when he received our package, he knew somebody did.

If you could benefit from a phone call or a holiday package, please call us. These can even include a prepared holiday meal for those that are in need.  If you would like more information and/or to sign up for our holiday outreach program, contact us at 877-881-1623. We are here to assist our campuses and the communities we serve all across Ohio. 


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