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MYOP is a new program through the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center that was created to work with the children/grandchildren of masons, and children within the community.  MYOP will also work with parents and grandparents to connect them with information and services for financial, social, educational, and clinical resources for their families. These resources will be designed to put principles in place to assist the youth with becoming successful adults. It will provide education to the youth and resources as preventative measures for their future and whatever they may need along the way.

These resources can include information on education and financial resources such as scholarships, grants, internships, and housing or technical assistance to youth employment programs. There will also be assistance for low-income students and families to educate them on forms needing completion for funding educational goals.

MYOP can connect families to other resources such as mentoring services. Our goal is to provide youth with the opportunity to collaborate with the Masonic Volunteer Program to provide additional support and promote volunteerism.

MYOP will provide resources that help refer clients to effective youth programs. Some of these services will include youth facts, funding information, and tools to help access community programs, generate maps of local and federal resources and, search for evidence-based youth programs, and keep up-to-date on the latest youth-related news. In addition, MYOP can provide connection to available community resources for new parents.

MYOP embraces the importance of intergenerational activities and enhancing the quality of care for our residents through intergenerational day camps offered on our campuses during the holidays and summer breaks. We will provide Intergenerational camps that allow the youth to build relationships with seniors within the OMH communities teaching them valuable skills they’ll have for a lifetime. Youth will be invited to attend these camps in the coming months and year ahead. Look for more information or call for additional resources.

If you are interested in hearing a presentation about the Masonic Youth Program, Masonic Bereavement Program, Masonic Volunteer Program and/or the Resource Center in general, please contact us at 877-881-1623.

If you have specific questions about MYOP please contact Raquel Brown Resource Center Liaison for NW Ohio, and the Masonic Youth Outreach Program Coordinator at 419-260-0855 and/or email: rbrown@ohiomasonichome.org.