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AIP Campus Article

After meeting with the interdisciplinary team at our routine Aging in Place meeting on one of our campuses, a request for help was made for a new resident on campus. She was mobile, but due to her diagnosis had some difficulty with mobility. As a result, a power chair was discussed with the therapist, and the team members agreed that this would be beneficial.

The resident told us that she requested a power wheelchair and physical therapy at her previous assisted living facility, and was unable to receive it, so she was so happy to hear that we would be able to help her on our campus. The team determined, related to her current status and activity level, that receiving a power chair would increase her mobility, and add to her social stimulation. After communicating with the resident’s daughter, it was discovered that it was a custom power chair and that is why it was denied, but with therapy an application could be completed for a standard chair that would have the needed components that would assist the client with her overall mobility. The Resource Center liaison communicated the need for therapy, and a visit was scheduled and services were started. In addition, the therapist was able to complete the required assessment to start the process for a new power chair.

This is just one example of how our resource center liaisons help residents on our campuses. We assist campus staff where needed and serve in local communities all over the state. We help obtain products and services that will enhance health and independence, and help provide a positive aging experience.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of assistance either on campus or in their own home, call us at 877-881-1623.