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A Brother’s son-in-law read an article in the Beacon to him about the Resource Center about a reading machine. He reached out to the Resource Center and we were able to connect him with his own reading machine which has changed his life by transforming him from isolation to new activities. The staff at the … Continued

Worshipful Brother Robert J Stair Lift

Worshipful Brother Robert J. Wickert’s life can be summed up with one word, service. He has spent a lifetime serving his community and the fraternity. He was an eagle scout, a school board member for 24 years, and he served on his county’s MMRD board, and was an active member off his lodge. When his … Continued

Together Again

After graduating from High School in 1940, Hap Reynard ended up going to Colson Corporation, a bicycle manufacturer who ended up making machine gun parts to support the war efforts. Hap once said, I started in a bicycle factory, ended up making 50-caliber machine gun cores, and two years later I was firing one.” After … Continued

October 2017 RC Story

James came to the resource center a few years ago. He originally called looking for resources for home health care after being in the hospital for an extended period of time. Through the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center, he was connected to a home care agency, and also provided a food card to replace groceries … Continued

Holiday Outreach Success Story

There was a client during our Holiday Hope Program that contacted the Resource Center in need of some holiday cheer. She was a widow of a Master Mason caring for her disabled son, and her bills had become overwhelming. The Resource center assisted the client through the application process for charitable assistance from the Grand … Continued

Brother Rhine

Worshipful Brother Rhine has been a working man all his life, but after suffering from a stroke, everything changed. After recovering, he attempted to go back to work, but unfortunately he was unable to due to complications. An Ambassador in his district was aware of his situation and contacted the Resource Center. Worshipful Brother Rhine … Continued

AIP Campus Article

After meeting with the interdisciplinary team at our routine Aging in Place meeting on one of our campuses, a request for help was made for a new resident on campus. She was mobile, but due to her diagnosis had some difficulty with mobility. As a result, a power chair was discussed with the therapist, and … Continued