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More Stories

A Brother’s son-in-law read an article in the Beacon to him about the Resource Center about a reading machine. He reached out to the Resource Center and we were able to connect him with his own reading machine which has changed his life by transforming him from isolation to new activities.

The staff at the resource center has been working very closely with the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation and Grand Lodge Officers. Over the last month we have been working with them on several requests for assistance and have been able to more completely serve those brothers in need. In addition to the Grand Lodge granting assistance for several cases, we have been able to provide additional resources in an attempt to serve our brothers in the most comprehensive way possible. This promises to be a great asset to the fraternity and the brethren in need.

The Resource center has been working with a family to keep their Gas and Electricity on. After our assistance the wife was so appreciative and grateful. She felt like she needed to do something to “pay it forward”. Since they can’t help someone financially, she decided to reach out to her elderly neighbor who is a recent widow and has bad rheumatoid arthritis. This woman was upset because although her kids and grandkids were coming in for the holidays, she was unable to clean her home or bake like she used to. The client has spent the last 2 days with this woman, cleaning and baking. She was her hands. She is going back over today and said they are becoming good friends. The Resource Center Liaison was able to share some resources that she is going to share with her neighbor.

A Mason in the Medina area called the resource center with an unusual need. The spring on the door to his garage had broken and trapped his car inside. He was unable to get out and therefore was unable to get his medication and food. Our liaison met with him to assess the need, contacted fraternal relations who in turn contacted a local lodge. The master of the lodge was knowledgeable with garage doors, went to his house, looked at it, ordered the part, and fixed it for him.

A brother was placed on hospice and wanted to spend his remaining days in his home. His family could not afford to provide the necessary care for him. We stepped in and helped fill the gap of care that he needed and he was able to pass where he wanted and how he wanted.

A wife of a mason was in need of Pathways and the brother needed Assisted Living. We helped the brother with the complicated decision of moving his wife to Pathways while he remained on a waiting list for an A.L. apartment. He did not have to wait long as an apartment opened up and he moved in shortly after. When the liaison shared the news of the available apartment, the brother cried, he was so happy.

A brother with no family other than his wife passed away. His wife had spent all the savings they had on medical bills while he was alive to prolong his life. There was no money for any kind left for a funeral or internment. The foundation paid to have his body cremated through the emergency assistance fund. We contacted and worked with his lodge that paid for the urn. The lodge also held a small ceremony for him in there social hall as they could not afford to have a full funeral.

A call was received at the resource center about a brother who loved to play bingo. Every day he would go to the bingo was available due to the hall being in another county. A few calls to his lodge and turns out one of the hall and enjoy playing with his friends. Due to failing eye sight he was no longer to drive there. No public transportation brothers from the lodge lived nearby and was also the person that calls the bingo numbers at his hall. Needless to say he no longer needed someone to take him because the brother was more than happy to bring him along.