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October 2017 RC Story

James came to the resource center a few years ago. He originally called looking for resources for home health care after being in the hospital for an extended period of time. Through the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center, he was connected to a home care agency, and also provided a food card to replace groceries that had gone bad once he returned home from his lengthy hospital stay.

James had a turn of events that later led to a fire. The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center Liaison, DeAnna Kinney, was able to coordinate with local agencies and lodges to take up a collection to provide articles of clothing, and other necessities. At the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center, we take the words “trusted partner” seriously. Not only was the DeAnna able to help James with food and material needs, but we also built a relationship with him and when his cat, Sammy, ran away during the fire DeAnna was out helping him look for him. Through all of this, DeAnna noticed that he had trouble hearing. They had been discussing hearing aids for quite some time and James finally decided to try them. He said the hearing aids opened up a “whole new world” for him. James said he now is able to talk on the phone and attend family gatherings again! He even said Sammy noticed a difference. And, he can hear her meow and purr now.

Throughout SE Ohio, we have started making calls, reaching out to all masons to share information on our services and let them know that we are here to assist them with everything from linkage to local assistance programs to reconnection with their lodge. Like with James, who is now planning to start attending Lodge meetings again and reconnect with his Brothers, we are here to be an advocate and a support to you.

If you would like to reach one of our Liaisons, please contact our resource center at 877-881-1623.