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Worshipful Brother Robert J Stair Lift

Worshipful Brother Robert J. Wickert’s life can be summed up with one word, service. He has spent a lifetime serving his community and the fraternity. He was an eagle scout, a school board member for 24 years, and he served on his county’s MMRD board, and was an active member off his lodge. When his lodge brothers learned he was having difficulty they did not hesitate to spring in to action.

WB Wickert has been struggling for a while with some ailments that make it almost impossible to navigate the steps in his home. As a result he was basically living downstairs when his bed and other facilities were all located upstairs. His loving wife has been caring for him but she has her own health issues. Mr. Wickert talked to the Area Agency on Aging and they recommended a company that would be able to install a stair lift for him. His lodge raised some money to assist with it and also applied for assistance through the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation.

The Grand Lodge then contacted the Ohio Masonic Home Liaison in Northeast Ohio to reach out and be of assistance. The liaison looked into a possible remodel of the home to make it easier to live on one floor, or a possible relocation, but this home had been in his family for three generations and remodeling was not really a practical option. It seemed the stair lift was the best option although it was going to be a very large project and very expensive. After contacting several local companies and getting several quotes, a company was selected.

Financial assistance from the Grand Lodge, the Ohio Masonic Home and the Scottish Rite Almoners fund, along with the money his home lodge had raised, was enough to make this dream come true. The Scottish Rite Almoners fund contributed over half the money needed to this worthy endeavor. The lift is now installed and he and his wife can stay in their home for the foreseeable future.